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I Got Nothin’ September 1, 2011

Writers block has reared its ugly head again. I had some great ideas yesterday and promptly forgot them because I didn’t jot them down in my new favorite cross-platform app, Evernote.

So, now I am trying to remember my ideas but I’m not having much luck. I’m hoping that just writing anything, like this post about nothing, will help jog my memory. Nothing yet.

It’s like when someone’s name is “on the tip of your tongue;” my ideas are just out of my mental grasp.

My ideas are playing hide and seek in my brain. I have a vague notion of the direction at least one of my ideas is heading, but I can’t seem to catch it before it turns a corner or finds a better hiding spot elsewhere in my mind.

I’ll probably remember my ideas tonight while I’m sleeping or tomorrow morning while I’m in the shower. That’s how it usually goes. 🙂

What do you do to work through writer’s block or any other creative block? What do you do to get your ‘creative juices’ flowing?


“Quitter, me, and the Resistance” or “I am a Writer, Part 2” (via Keeks) August 31, 2011

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Great post from Keeks about writing.

Enjoy. 🙂

There are a million excuses not to do this. To not meet the paper with the ink. I am worrying about my schedule. How am I going to get it all done? What can I do to transition more easily? And the fear of writing new content for the blog? Ugh. I'm more paralyzed than excited. What if I say too much? What if I fail? And what if I can't stage a comeback from the failure? I have to practice writing. I have to practice – that is a fact. I can't just … Read More

via Keeks


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