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‘Here we come a-wassailing…’ October 4, 2011

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I’m usually one of the first people to shake her head and sigh when I see Halloween paraphernalia in stores in July or Valentine’s Day decorations before the New Year has officially arrived. I even cringe a little when Christmas ornaments and wrapping paper magically appear before Halloween.

However, there is one thing I don’t mind hearing early: Christmas music. I’m a sucker for Christmas music. That is one marketing ploy that actually works for me. I usually start listening to my personal collection of Christmas music in September or October. My husband laughs and shakes his head when he drives my car and hears Elvis Presley singing “I’ll have a blue Christmas without you.” (Yes, I’m an Elvis fan, but that’s another post altogether.) He will listen to Christmas music only on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day.

I’m not sure why I love listening to Christmas music so much. I love listening to the traditional hymns like O, Holy Night, O, Little Town of Bethlehem, and O, Come All Ye Faithful, but I also like non-traditional songs as well. Christmas Song performed by Dave Matthews is by far one of my favorite non-traditional Christmas songs.

There is something joyful in most Christmas songs. Even the sad songs like “Blue Christmas” hold some hope that Christmas will be better, a new start. That’s a lot of hope to pin on one holiday, but given the time of year and the reason for celebrating Christmas, having hope seems appropriate.


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