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Let’s All Move to Europe! August 29, 2011

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Why not? Europeans seem to embrace life and view working as a way to fund their enjoyment of life. Most Europeans get up to six weeks of paid vacation. Many of my international business acquaintances live in Europe. I envy their ability to take two weeks of vacation and actually go on a vacation.

Last week, a friend of mine sent me a link to an article by Darren Hardy that states the United States “ranks No. 1 in depression and mental health problems” because many Americans do not use their vacation days.

According to this article, Americans failed to use 483 million vacation days in 2007 (based on results obtained by the Harris Interactive research group). According to the article, that is “more than any other industrialized nation.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to work my life away. Yes, work is rewarding and gives us a sense of purpose and achievement, but our places of employment should be one of many avenues in which we seek fulfillment in our lives.

I would like to use my vacation time to travel, relax, forget about work, recharge, enjoy spending time with my family and enjoy life.

So, I say we all move to Europe! I think we would all be much more content and productive.

Do you use your vacation days, or do you ‘lose’ them?


5 Responses to “Let’s All Move to Europe!”

  1. abichica Says:

    You know what, i’m with you on this topic, i think we should all move to Europe, life just seems much greener and productive as well as rewarding.. 😀

  2. daphnestreet Says:

    Yes, in America it’s a double message: 1) Take your PTO–we want you to avoid burnout and be healthy and come back refreshed and re-energized AND 2) Wait. Can you postpone taking PTO? Something just came up, and we really NEED YOU on this. In fact, can you cut your PTO short? I see you have filing left to do? Oh, and this other assignment that just came in. Oh, never mind–you go and enjoy your self. We’ll find a way to cover it–somehow.

    Now you get to ruminate throughout your vacation over all the assignments and tasks piling up and your coworkers overworked picking up your slack–happy vacation! ;o)

    I’m in! Let’s go to Eurpoe (In fact, I am considering a move to Latin America). Great post! Thanks –Daphne

    • Daphne, my thoughts exactly. I shouldn’t feel guilty for using my PTO, but when I want to use it, the first question I’m asked is “How will your work get done while you’re gone?” It’s no wonder we get burned out so quickly. We have to worry about work while we’re at work and while we’re on vacation from work! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about feeling guilty for taking time off. We only have four employees. Most of my “vacation time” is used as “sick kid time” anyway.

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