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In the Heat of the Moment August 5, 2011

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I tend to write in the heat of the moment with whatever emotion I’m feeling fueling my writing. It’s usually just a first draft, but that’s where the initial idea is born.

Is it better to write out of raw emotion, or to jot down your thoughts and come back to them later?

Personally, I think if you wait, your writing can be watered down and have less effect. The flip side is that you more clearly state your thoughts after you have had time to reflect on them.

Emotional writing tends to be more raw and honest, but it can also be counterproductive to the point of the piece. You can get lost in the passion of the emotion and miss out on an opportunity to make a great observation about life if you focus on the emotion itself.

I like writing in the heat of the moment. It’s therapeutic. However, not everything I think and feel needs to be published. That’s the challenge of writing when fueled by emotion. It’s harder to edit myself and not publish something I shouldn’t and normally wouldn’t publish. But that’s also the attraction. It keeps me honest.

I don’t know the answer to the question I posed above. I think the best, healthiest method is a combination of both. I usually start writing in the midst of an emotion and come back to it later to edit it. Sometimes the passion has subsided so much that I no longer want to publish the thought. Sometimes it’s renewed and new ideas are incorporated into the piece.

It’s fun to experiment and discover what works.

Wow. I’m a nerd. I love writing. 🙂


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