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Recalculating August 3, 2011

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I have not been impressed by my GPS lately. What good does it do if the GPS can’t locate a satellite signal until I’m nearly halfway to my destination? I like exploring unfamiliar towns now and then, but I’d prefer to limit my exploration to days when I am not expected for appointments.

I have a terrible sense of direction. I’m the first to admit that. (I suspect it’s because I don’t have enough iron in my nose like men do. Maybe I should get my nose pierced. I wonder if that would help.) I rely on street signs, written directions, and landmarks to navigate. Telling me to turn North on 7th Avenue means nothing to me. Telling me to turn Right at the Blue House with White Shutters gives me a landmark to go by.

I’ve determined my brain has been working a lot like my GPS lately. I decide what I want to do and request directions from my brain to complete that task. Unfortunately, my brain sometimes has difficulty locating a ‘satellite signal’ or gets detoured by ‘road blocks,’ much like my GPS.  I tend to get in my own way when it comes to doing something I really want to do. I put up those mental road blocks by devaluing my dream and my talent. I allow my brain to have a ‘weak signal’ by not following God’s direction for my life.

I make it nearly impossible to reach my destination because I choose to follow my own path and take wrong turns instead of following the path God has laid out for me. I keep running into myself as I try to reach my goal, and I’m starting to bruise.

Wouldn’t it be great if my brain could just recalculate like my GPS when I choose to go my own way? It would magically guide me back to God’s path. Sure, it will take longer to get there and there will likely be more weak signals and road blocks, but at least I’ll be on the right path.

That’s where I am today: finding my way back to God’s path for my life that He mapped out long ago. Why would He give me a passion for writing if it wasn’t part of His plan for me? All I have to do is get those mental road blocks out of the way and maintain a ‘strong signal’ so God’s path is clear.


3 Responses to “Recalculating”

  1. mom Says:

    love this blog! you are a terriffic writer! can’t wait to see what God has in store for you! love, Mom

  2. Phil Vaughan Says:

    Great stuff, Erica. So glad to be reading your stuff these days!

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