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“Quit Perfect.” July 22, 2011

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Yes, I meant to write ‘Quit’ in the title, in case you’re wondering. It’s a quote from Jon Acuff‘s new book, Quitter.

This quote, this two-word sentence, nearly gave me whiplash of the brain when I read it.

Though it’s hard for me to accept, I don’t have to be perfect…for me, for my family, for anyone. I think I lost 50 pounds from my shoulders when I realized this. If I think I have to be perfect before I pursue my dream of writing, I’ll never have anything published.


Sometime last year, I started reading the Stuff Christians Like blog, written by Jon Acuff. I vaguely remember being introduced to Acuff’s satirical blog while reading an article on Dave Ramsey’s website.

Late in 2010, Acuff asked his blog readers to send him “I’m a ___, but I want to be a ___” statements for a book he was writing. I responded stating that I want to be a writer. No surprise there. Hundreds of other people responded as well because so many of us feel ‘stuck’ in our day jobs while we dream of doing something else, something we love.

Fast forward to May 10, 2011: the official release date of Quitter, the book Acuff had been writing. All the promos for the book seemed as if they were tailored for me, someone who was unhappy with her day job and longing to pursue something else.

In June, Acuff announced the Quitter conference scheduled for July 30 in Nashville, TN. I thought about attending, but I didn’t think it would fit in our budget.

So, I bought the book and read it in a few days. It revealed some truths I needed, but didn’t want, to acknowledge while suggesting possibilities I had not previously considered. For instance, despite the title, Acuff does not advise his readers to quit their jobs right away. (Say what?!?!) Instead he suggests that your job is a stepping stone and plays an important role in the path to your dream job. Logical, right? Those Dave Ramsey people get on my nerves sometimes with all their Baby Steps and planning ahead. I’m kidding, of course. 🙂

Anyway, after discussing the book with my good friend Kiki (check out her awesome blog:, we have decided to attend the Quitter conference together. So, one week from today, Kiki and I will be in Nashville, talking to Jon Acuff and figuring out how to pursue our dreams. (Wish us luck!)

I know I’ll never be perfect. Being a perfectionist, the hardest part is acknowledging that I don’t have to be perfect. That doesn’t mean I can’t pursue excellence. 🙂


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