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Spreading Manure (Not Literally…Well, Kind of) July 20, 2011

Filed under: Attentive Wife,Mommy Dearest — MomVersusCareer @ 4:32 pm

Tonight, Lia and I will be representing the local hardware store/implement dealership in our annual county parade. Our mode of transportation? A brand-new, shiny manure spreader. My life is now complete.

Riding around in a manure spreader is not how I spend most of my evenings, nor would it be on my ‘bucket list‘ if I had one. So, why did I agree to ride in a brand-new, shiny manure spreader? First, my husband, Jason, assured me there has never been any manure in this particular spreader…yet. Secondly and most importantly, quality time with Lia and Jason, who has been working day and night (literally) at his full-time job and at his internship at the local sheriff’s department for the past few weeks. We haven’t seen him much and his absence is taking its toll on me and Lia. It’s temporary, but it seems like it will last much longer than a few weeks.

So, tonight we shall ride in a manure spreader, but we will do it together, as a family. Hopefully without spreading any manure. It will be memorable if nothing else. Ha!


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