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“There’s gotta be somethin’ more” July 19, 2011

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On Monday I made a decision to continue on my current path as a professional/mom/wife (PMW), listed in no particular order since each is as important as the other.

While this may not seem like a life-changing decision, it definitely sets a specific course for my life. My other options were not conducive to pursuing a writing career or feeding my family, something I try to do now and then.

However, that does not mean the choice I made comes without sacrifices. I still have a high-stress job. I am still exhausted at the end of the work day. I will still travel now and then. I still feel guilty for not being a better mom and wife.

You’re probably wondering how maintaining my current path is the best option. Quite frankly, it was the lesser of two evils. I know this path. I’m familiar with it, so I know I can navigate it effectively. The difference is that there are changes I can make that will allow me to be a more effective leader, a less-stressed mom, and a more attentive wife. Once I figure out what changes to make, I hope my life will change for the better. (Something More by Sugarland)

While choosing to stay on this path was a difficult, emotional decision, I believe it is a turning point that will help me define who I am.

Have you had to make a similar decision? What did you do?


One Response to ““There’s gotta be somethin’ more””

  1. […] I decided to literally and figuratively take a step back. I gave up my title in favor of putting my family first and doing more of what I enjoy doing at work: writing and editing. This was not an easy decision and it was completely contrary to my second post (“There’s Gotta Be Somethin’ More”). […]

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